Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trove Tuesday - Messages from Soldiers Washed up in Bottles

Source: 1916 'MESSAGES FROM SOLDIERS.', Bendigonian (Bendigo, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), 3 August, p. 20, viewed 23 October, 2012, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article91378992
Mrs. G. V. Lansell has received a South Australian paper, giving particulars, of the remarkable find of six sealed bottles from soldiers on the beach between six and seven miles to the west of Cape Northumberland Lighthouse, Port MacDonnell, South Australia, on 16th July. The bottles were picked up one after the other by the harbormaster (Mr. E. Carrison) whilst he was walking along the beach. They were, from soldiers in different States, and some of them contained letters. A small slip of paper in one bottle bore the names of six men as follows:- Pte. G. Fullerton, Avonmore Post Office, Victoria; Pte. V. Gunnell, Hunter-street, Abbotsford, Victoria; Pte. H. J. Archibald, Pannoobamawm, Rochester, Victoria; Pte. E. C. Archibald, Pannoobamawm, Rochester; Victoria; L. Cpl. J. Holmberg, Post Office, Elmore, Victoria; and Pte G. Cockayne, Post Office, Gunbower, Victoria. These men all belonged to the well-known B Company, 38th Battalion, 10th Brigade, A.I.F., who travelled by a White Star liner acting as a transport. The spot where the bottles were picked up was only 18 miles from Mrs. Lansell's old home, where she resided with her mother, Mrs. Frew, of Barkly Place.
Please see my 2011 ANZAC day post for more information about my Great Great Uncle, George Brown Fullerton. Lance Corporal J. (Jack) Holmberg of Elmore, also mentioned in the article above, later married George's sister, Doris Edna Fullerton. 

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  1. What a quirky discovery Aillin. Can just imagine those lads throwingnthe bottles overboard as a lark as they sailed off to war. irrepressible.

  2. Just came across this post, having read today Trove Tuesday written by Pauline.

    How wonderful about the bottles, & like Pauline imagine the fun the guys had. I wonder which one of them thought of it? We're any more thrown over that were not reported here? Did the guys make it through the war?


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