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Y is for Young - Family History Through the Alphabet - Week 25

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This is my contribution to Week 25 of Gould Genealogy's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge. The letter this time is Y.

I have no surnames in my direct ancestry beginning with the letter Y, so I have decided instead to make the subject this week 'Young', as in the younger people in my family tree, those who only lived on this earth for a short time before they were called to the next life. 

There are so many of these young people in my family tree and in other's family trees. Sometimes, for whatever reasons, the fact that they lived has been forgotten in family oral history, such as the story of Thomas Fullerton. Often their graves are unmarked. For example, a family story states that young O'Brien children who died were buried on the family property. Stillborn and unnamed children are often listed in the cemetery burial registers as 'stillborn' or 'female'/'male'. The burial place of Annie Randall (1855-1855), the twin sister of my Great Great Grandmother Margaret Randall is unknown, somewhere on the track between South Australia and Victoria. 

In my family tree there are also the young folk who lived to be in their teens and twenties. I have several in my family tree who died of tuberculosis while still young. Then there are the young people who served and gave their lives in war time, such as the three I mentioned in my 2011 ANZAC day post

This post is a tribute to the deceased children and young adults from my family and all families. You are remembered, even if we will never know your name or your story.

These are just some of the young folk from my direct family line.
  • Catherine O'Brien (1906-1906), sister of my grandfather.
  • Michael O'Brien (1873-1901), a blacksmith, died of tuberculosis aged 28 years, brother of my great grandfather.
  • Joseph John Smith (1901-1902), half-brother of my grandmother.
  • Albert Smith (1871-1872), brother of my great grandfather.
  • Robert Smith (1879-1881), died of gastroenteritis aged 32 months, brother of my great grandfather. 
  • Letitia Smith (1889-1889), sister of my great grandfather.
  • George Potter (1843-1861), died of inflammation of the brain, aged 18 years, half-brother of my great great grandmother. 
  • Alice Maud Fullerton (1878-1879), sister of my great grandmother.
  • James Atkinson Fullerton (1888-1912), died of tuberculosis aged 24 years, brother of my great grandmother.
  • George Brown Fullerton (1890-1917), died of wounds received at the battle of Messines, aged 28 years, brother of my great grandmother.
  • Michael Fullerton (1842-1842), brother of my great great grandfather.
  • Thomas Fullerton (1854-1865), died of hydatids of the heart, aged 11 years, brother of my great great grandfather.
  • Kathleen McCarthy (c1915-c1915), sister of my grandmother.
  • Michael McCarthy (c1876-1905), died aged 29 years, brother of my great grandfather.
  • Bertha Jane Chambers (1873-1886), half-sister of my great grandmother.
  • Ann Randall (1855-1855), twin sister of my great great grandmother.
  • Ann Randall (1859-1863), sister of my great great grandmother. 
Eternal rest, grant unto them O Lord,
And may perpetual light shine upon them,
may their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

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  1. A great topic, but a very sobering one too. So many died so young.

  2. Thankyou for such a beautiful post Aillin which honours, and remembers, those of our Ancestors who died so very young. It's something which causes me great pain but am comforted every time I place a small red rose alongside their name on the Family Tree. Thanks again, Catherine.


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