Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Photo Collage - Day 7 - Fullerton siblings and others

Back row L-R: Agnes Ellen Smith (nee Fullerton) (1880-1963), William Peter Fullerton (1885-1950), possibly Annie Elizabeth McCormick (nee Fullerton) (1881-1941), unknown, possibly Euphemia Mary (Effie) Fullerton (1877-1924).
Front row L-R: Nellie Isabella Fullerton (later McCormick) (1883-1968), Margaret Louisa (Maggie) Fullerton (later Gleeson) (1897-1968), Ethel Maud (Ettie) Fullerton (later Tobin) (1896-1955) and James William Smith (1872-1960). 

This photograph, which shows several members of the Fullerton family, is my 7th post for the February Photo Collage Festival. The photo above has actually had the colour enhanced a little in Photoshop Elements (and could do with a bit more editing to remove some of the scratches, but I'll have to leave that for another time). For a scan of this photograph, and for the names of those in the photograph, I am grateful to my Grandma's first cousin, Kath.

My Mum thinks the photograph has possibly been mirrored. Do you think it has? It isn't a quality photograph but it is the only one I have of a younger William Peter Fullerton and possibly one of the only photographs of Effie and Annie.

I would guesstimate that the photograph was taken about 1910.
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  1. Oh, my goodness... what a WONDERFUL family photo to have from so long ago Aillin. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Catherine. I'm very glad to have a copy of this photograph :)

  2. How could you tell if it was mirrored?

    1. Hi Kristin,
      I sometimes suspect a photograph has been printed mirrored by comparing the photograph to others of the same people or places, eg. comparing the way a particular person parts their hair etc. Also I just sometimes have a 'something looks backwards' feeling which I can't really explain. I have flipped this particular photograph in Photoshop Elements, but I'm really not sure which is the right way.


Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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