Monday, February 4, 2013

Motivation Monday - Goals for February 2013

My goals for January 2013 were:
  1. I will continue with scanning several of my siblings pre-digital camera photograph albums, before I begin tagging all my photographs. I am, however, making a resolution to tag all my 2013 photographs as I add them to my computer. I am looking forward to the day I can find the photographs I am looking for with a simple tag search! (Goals for 2013 Organisation Goal).
    Partially achieved. I scanned one album of photographs and I am half way through scanning another. I have managed to tag all the photographs that I have taken so far during 2013. At the beginning of January I also started a new blog 2013 in 365 photographs where I have been posting one photograph a day.
  2. Read up to at least page 98 of Getting the Most From Family Historian 5. (Goals for 2013 Education Goal)
    Achieved. I have read up to page 117. 
  3. Check through my Starred items in Gmail, and reply to any overdue emails. (Goals for 2013 Correspondence Goal)
    Partially achieved. I managed to reply to several overdue emails.
  4. Correct the text of 5-10 articles tagged at Trove and then post at least one Trove Tuesday post to this blog. (Goals for 2013 Writing, Research and 'Giving Back' Goal)
    Achieved, though I only posted one Trove Tuesday blog in January: Trove Tuesday - Catherine McCarthy Obituary.
  5. Check for any new matches at FamilyTreeDNA. Write another Genetic Genealogy Journey blog post. (Goals for 2013 Research Goal).
    Not achieved. Dad and I only had new matches on 1 January. An important update at FamilyTreeDNA is 'almost complete' (though the message on the myFTDNA homepage has been saying that for a week or two...)
My goals for February 2013 are:
  1. The Family History Writing Challenge (Goals for 2013 Writing Goal)
  2. The February Photo Collage Festival (Goals for 2013 Writing Goal)
  3. Finish scanning the photo album I have already half scanned (Goals for 2013 Organisation Goal)
  4. Read up to at least page 140 of Getting the Most From Family Historian 5. I am currently up to page 117 (Goals for 2013 Education Goal)
  5. Check my remaining Starred items in Gmail, and reply to 2-3 overdue emails. (Goals for 2013 Correspondence Goal)
  6. Correct the text of 5 articles tagged at Trove and then post at least one Trove Tuesday post to this blog. (Goals for 2013 Writing, Research and 'Giving Back' Goal)

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  1. You've got a busy month ahead of you Aillin. I'm settling for combining two of those projects and not aiming for much more. Feb is a busy family month for us, that's my excuse:-) Once again I admire your organisation and commitment.


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